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English as a
Second Language

Maya Porter

"Maya was the best investment in the entire master's thesis process."
– A.W.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

If English is not your native language, let me help you put your work into idiomatic American English. I can fix the articles (a, an, the) and all those pesky prepositions. English is a difficult language, and a slightly wrong word can change your meaning without your realizing it.

Academic journal editors do not want to have to turn your article into American English. They don't have time for that, and while your English may be fine in your everyday life, it may not be quite what the reader needs.

If your article looks like it will need a lot of work, no matter how good it is, the journal will probably either reject it outright, or send it back for revision. Let me polish it for you, and get published on first submission!

See the page on Article Editing for more details